LTC/BTC drops back down after anticipated Huobi launch

Early signs of correcting back down after the recent burst growth in the last few days- possibly a copy of what happened when LTC went live on BTC China



Litecoin breaks ahead

As we saw in a recent analysis of LTC/BTC, 0.025 seemed to be quite low. Well after the news that Huobi will list LTC we saw a rise in LTC/BTC to 0.027 today. This is an 8% rise which comes after a long lull in the rate.

ImageWhat does this mean in real terms?

This morning it would have cost your ~40LTC where as now it costs you ~37LTC to purchase 1BTC. LTC has got stronger compared to BTC.

Alongside this 8% gain in LTC/BTC, LTC outperformed BTC which only rose $1 today as of now, a marginal amount when BTC is currently $632 vs LTC’s $17.