Huobi to list LTC market observed

After the news this morning that Huobi will list Litecoin we saw LTC take off today- both in its USD value (up to 17USD) and strength against BTC (up to 0.027) to the sound of clucking chickens. Let’s take a look with some graphs..


Here we can see those green bars and for everyone holding LTC wants to see, its like a line of Christmas trees.

But before we start celebrating let’s take a step back.


While the price of LTC has reached a recent high and bucked the downtrend, it is still only at it’s January highs. It must also be noted that currently its furry memecoin cousin saw higher growth today (25% vs LTC 7%)

Is this to say the growth should be ignored? Definitely not, however if your hoping to see LTC to its fullest remember it needs to cross the $48 mark again.

Stay tuned for analysis of LTC/BTC- is the silver cryptocoin breaking free?


2 thoughts on “Huobi to list LTC market observed

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