Flappy Wallet

ImageSo you’ve got that triple digit high score on that bird game and now you want something new- what else is on the Android platform? Litecoin duh! If my previous post on disappearing hot wallets left you a bit worried and your laptop is too heavy to carry around all the time, this might just be for you.

The Litecoin Wallet (de.schildbach.wallet_ltc) can be installed from the Play store to your device in minutes and will allow you to make transactions on the move- Something Litecoin needs if it is to prosper as a really alternative currency. You also have the power to import previously generated private keys to the Android wallet. The app acts as a cold wallet and will allow you to view your balance as well as generate QR codes and price conversion between different fiat (think GBP/USD) currencies.


If you thought losing that £500 smart phone after a night of too many lemonades was worrying, just think about what happens if you lost 30LTC with it. Because of this I would advise gaining root if needed and taking a back up of the infamous wallet.dat to another device- Also if you hadn’t already, think about adding a pin/swipe lock to turn on when the device turns off to stop others trying to cash out.

Overall the app looks great for LTC users on the move and a powerful way to share the simplicity of making transactions.


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